Stargate's Champions

Stargate is a diverse barony, with its members sharing many interests, reflected by our diversity of Baronial Champions.

Current Stargate Baronial Champions

Archery Champion: Marcus Livius Antoninus
Arts and Sciences Champion: Cristyana Lambrecht
Bardic Champion: Brian O hUilliam
Chivalric Champion: Sven Randullsson
Equestrian Champion: Kaitlin McKenna
Rapier Champion: Caelan MacRob

Past Stargate Baronial Champions

Archery  Baronial 2016 - Padriac of Kilkenny
Baronial 2015 - Mistress Kaitlyn McKenna
Baronial 2014 - Master Alden Drake
Baronial 2013 - Lady Wentiliana le Chandeler
Baronial 2012 - Faolan MacCairbre
Baronial 2011 - Roger of Cornwall
Baronial 2010 - m'Lord David of Gate's Edge
Baronial 2009 - HL Eadric Anstapa
Baronial 2008 - Master Francois la Flamme
Baronial 2007 - Ld Padrick of Kilkenny
Baronial 2006 - Ld Leofwine of Sumersaetum
Arts and Sciences  Yule 2016: Elena Wyth
Yule 2015 - Rolff Gruenwald
Yule 2014 - Lady Madalena de Orozco
Yule 2013 - HL Delphina de Champeaux
Yule 2012 - HL Brenna MacDonald
Yule 2011 - Lady Isolde die Waeyer
Yule 2010 - HL Magge MacPherson
Yule 2009 - HL Cristyana Lambrecht
Yule 2008 - Master Galen of Ockham
Yule 2007 - HL Lyonete von Leyden
Yule 2006 - HL Cristyana Lambrecht
Yule 2005 - HL Clara von Ulm
Yule 2004 - Ld Vincenzo Cellini
Bardic  Yule 2016: Adela von dem Berg
Yule 2015 - Rosa de Armanno
Yule 2014 - Lord Hanse Kleermaker
Yule 2013 - Don Brian O'hUilliam
Yule 2012 - HL Marguerite duBois
Yule 2011 - HL Alden Drake
Yule 2010 - Baroness Genevieve McCullum de Caen
Yule 2009 - HL Catrin ferch Maelgwn
Yule 2008 - Lord Goldweard of St. Golias
Yule 2007 - Baroness Genevieve McCullum de Caen
Yule 2006 - HL Alden Drake
Yule 2005 - HL Mea Passavanti
Yule 2004 - HL Thomas Atte Woode
Chivalric  Baronial 2016 - Micolay Haiduk
Baronial 2015 - Phillippe Chanceux
Baronial 2014 - Sir Godwin of Edington
Baronial 2013 - Centurion Rosalinde de Salerno
Baronial 2012 - Georges le Breton
Baronial 2011 - Sir John of Severn
Baronial 2010 - Centurion Wayland of Durlach
Baronial 2009 - Lord Madog of Glastonbury
Baronial 2008 - Centurion Lochlan Dunn
Baronial 2007 - HE Godwin of Edington
Baronial 2006 - Ld Ysfael Brynon
Equestrian  Baronial 2016 - Miriel of Shadowlands
Baronial 2015 - Sir Britta MacGregor
Baronial 2014 - HL Brenna MacDonald
2013 Henri du Bois
Squires, Cadets & Arcarius 2012 - Mirabelis Genevah Zabaneh
Baronial 2011 - Sir Britta MacGregor
Baronial 2010 - Lady Mirabelis Genevah Zabaneh
Baronial 2009 - Lady Arian Ashcroft of Lincolnshire
Baronial 2008 - Lady Katharyn Clatworthy
Baronial 2007 - HL Alexis la Bouche
Baronial 2006 - HL Cristyana Lambrecht
Rapier  Baronial 2016 - Brennan Ridley
Baronial 2015 - Baltasar Cerrada
Baronial 2014 - HL Christiana Ivarsdottir
Baronial 2013 - Baroness Rixende de Rue
Baronial 2012 - Solia Corsali
Baronial 2011 - Don Simone Nichols
Baronial 2010 - Don Robin of Gilwell
Baronial 2009 - Lady Amelot Lisette Blammont
Baronial 2008 - Don Tristan von Heidelberg
Baronial 2007 - Don Alessandro Andretti
Baronial 2006 - Don Alessandro Andretti
Youth Arts and Sciences  Yule 2005 - Ursa Asasdottir
Youth Chivalric Baronial 2005 - Ester of York
Youth Rapier  Baronial 2005 - Maurice Raphael Rousseau
Children's Baronial 2005 - Angel Collier


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News from the Barony

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Wordfame from Stargate Yule: Congratulations to Honorable Lady Ceara inghean mhic an Ghabhann as the newest member of the Order of the Sodality of the Sentinels of the Stargate, Honorable Lady Caitilin inghean Ronain ui Cheallaigh on her Star of Merit, and His Excellency Master Robert on his Augmentation of Arms.

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Congratulations to Lady Talia di'Grazia di'Amadore for becoming our newest Seneschal and to Lady Ingrid Bjornsdottir for joining Team Hospitaler

VIVAT to the new Stargate Champions: On December 2 at the 2017 Stargate Yule, Stargate chose two new champions: A&S: Her Excellency Mistress Cristyana Lambrecht andBardic: Master Don Brian O'hullium

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Chivalric and Rapier Combat practice is now being held on Sundays at NOON at Ray Miller Park on Eldridge.. More details...

The UFO (Unfinished Objects) Guild meets Monday evenings unless there's Populace meeting that night. Please contact HE Brenna MacDonald if you are interested. More details...

Scribes Guild meets the 1st, 3rd and sometimes 5th Sundays of the month at the new earlier time of 3-6 pm at the HEB Central Market grocery store on Westheimer at Weslayan. More details

Archery Practice is held once a month, usually at Carter Park in Spring, TX. More details

Have a youth fighter looking for a practice? Check out the Houston/Beaumont area Official Youth Chivalric practice! More details...

Gate's Edge Fighter practice is being held at 10 am on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month at Meyer Park. More details...

Applications are being accepted for the following offices:

Herald (Sentinal Pursuivant) More details...

Minister of Children More details...